The EnPover projects aims high. Its ambition is to contribute with its activities to the:

  • wider uptake of individual energy efficiency measures by private households, leading to the reduction of their energy consumption and of corresponding GHG emissions;
  • alleviation of energy poverty in low- and middle-income households, at the same time building their acceptance for the need for more sustainable use of resources.

This shall be achieved not only through empowering municipalities directly involved in the project to support vulnerable households in energy saving, but also other ones by sharing with them key project products and immediate results including:

  • 1 methodology for mapping and consulting key stakeholders;
  • a collection of best practice examples of successful initiatives targeting private households, especially those prone to energy poverty;
  • 1 toolkit of customised local support schemes boosting implementation of low-cost energy efficiency measures in private households sector;
  • a collection of material from thematic workshops and study visits in Germany, Hungary and Poland;
  • 3 pilot energy awareness raising campaigns.