The EnPover project will contribute its share to tackling energy poverty in Europe through the following activities:

  • establishing a network of municipal professionals interested in advancing the topic in their municipalities;
  • mapping and consulting relevant stakeholders, i.e. public authorities and organisations working with vulnerable households to seek their expertise and advice;
  • collecting best practice examples of successful initiatives supporting energy poor households to reduce their energy consumption and improve comfort of living;
  • organising workshops with experts from municipalities, tenants, private homeowners, consumer protection, social welfare and energy consultation organisations;
  • organising study visits to see in reality examples of best practices on tackling energy poverty;
  • developing a toolkit of customized and ready-to-use support schemes boosting implementation of low-cost energy efficiency measures in private households;
  • launching model awareness raising campaigns addressed at private households, especially those most vulnerable to energy poverty;
  • wide dissemination of project results and products.