On the 10th of January 2020 the partners of the EnPover project met in Cracow, Poland, formally inaugurating its implementation. For the next months we will strive to make our contribution to alleviate energy poverty among EU households. We will do this by empovering local authorities to initiate local educational campaigns and support schemes helping citizens to reduce their energy consumption and thus -  also the energy bills. Our mission is to encourage implementation of low-cost energy efficiency measures especially in those households, which spend a high share of their income or energy consumption or those, who have to resitct their daily needs due to energy price increases. They often not only lack financial resources to make energy efficient improvements, but also lack information of the energy saving possibilities and potentials. It is the role of local authorities to support them, as they are the closest to their citizens and have power to act. And we will equip them with tools that will help with that!